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Thermometer and Hygrometer SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer

Thermometer and Hygrometer SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer
3 690 Ft

Thermometer and Hygrometer SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer

Keep everything under control. SwitchBot's thermometer and hygrometer accurately measures humidity and temperature, with an advanced sensor responsible for its reliable performance. You can also combine it with the separately available SwitchBot Hub Plus / Mini control panel to gain the ability to remotely control your devices, control them by voice and automate their operation.


Extremely accurate

Choose a thermometer and hygrometer you can rely on. The device from SwitchBot is equipped with an advanced sensor that allows for extremely precise measurements of humidity and temperature. In addition, the data is refreshed every 4 seconds or so, which means you have constant access to up-to-date information. You can also choose the unit - °C or °F. Convenient reading of the measurement results is made possible by the built-in display.


Plenty of possibilities with the app

Add your device to the app and gain convenient access to your measurement history (history for the last 5 weeks or unlimited cloud storage if you use the control panel). The product connects with your phone via Bluetooth and has a range of up to 120m. You can also export data to CSV files. You will also receive special notifications. For example, if the temperature in your child's room drops below a certain level, you'll know about it immediately! Note: to use these features, the SwitchBot Hub Mini control panel is required.


Even more conveniences with a smart control panel

Connect your devices to the SwitchBot Hub Mini smart control panel and gain the ability to control them conveniently from a distance. Thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, you'll operate your equipment with voice commands - you don't even have to move! The thermometer also works with IFTTT. You can also automate your devices - make the air conditioner turn on when the temperature rises to a selected level, and the humidifier start working when the humidity in the room drops excessively.


Thoughtful design - long service life

The thermometer is distinguished by its robust design, so it will serve you well for a long time. You can easily set it on any flat surface, stick it to the wall or attach it to the refrigerator with a magnet. To power the device you need only 2 AAA batteries, which are included in the set. Do not be afraid of the need to replace them quickly - the working time of the product reaches about a year!


Many applications

This lightweight and compact device will be perfect for many applications. For example, you will find it useful in your child's room - with its help you can check at any time whether it is too cold or too warm there. You will also successfully use it in a greenhouse or wine cellar. With it you can easily take care of optimal conditions in these places! The SwitchBot thermometer and hygrometer will also find use in the office or in the kitchen.


In the box

  • Thermometer and hygrometer
  • Metal plate with sticker
  • Stand
  • AAA battery x2
  • User manual


NameSwitchBot Meter
ModelSwitchBot MeterTH S1
ConnectivityBLE 4.2 or above
Transmission rangeUp to 120m (under ideal conditions, without obstructions)
Power supply2x AAA battery
Operation timeApprox. 1 year
Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F / 1%RH
Temperature measurement rangeFrom -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)
Humidity measurement range0-99%RH
Temperature measurement accuracyFrom -20°C to 0°C (-4°F to 32°F): ±0.4°C / ±0.7°F;
From 0°C to 65°C (32°F to 149°F): ±0.2°C / ±0.4°F;
From 65°C to 80°C (149°F to 176°F): ±0.3°C / ±0.5°F;
Accuracy of humidity measurement0-10%RH: ±4%RH;
10-90%RH: ±2%RH;
90-99%RH: ±4%RH;
Dimensions55 x 55 x 24mm
Weight69g (with batteries)
System requirementsAndroid 4.3+, iOS 10.0+, watchOS 1.0+
Compatibility (SwitchBot Hub Plus / Mini required).Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT, SmartThings, Line Clova
360 db.
0 db.
4 165 HUF
12 hónap
Mennyiség dobozonként:
100 db.
Legutóbbi szállítás:
Net weight:
Box length:
Box width:
Box height:
Gross weight:
HS Code:
94 g/db.
Thermometer and Hygrometer SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer
Thermometer and Hygrometer SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer
3 690 Ft